Trip to Lembeh, Indonesia


Trip to Lembeh, Indonesia

Hello divers, hope everything is well with you and your family.

We are working on our Indonesia trip for the following dates August 8, 2017 through the 18, 2017, and we need to know who can go. The cost of the trip is $3,000.00 USD.
DESTINATION: Manado Indonesia with a two-day stop in Singapore. Remember, when we book a trip we like to give you a quote that includes the airline, lodging and the meals, while at the resort in Indonesia. Check out Lembeh Resort Dive Resort & Spa.  We will also be diving in the famous Lembeh Strait.

We need to know who is on board. We are trying to finalize the airfare. We are trying to lock down the airline tickets, and need to buy them soon.
Alex is in Playa del Carmen until the 22nd of March, and when he comes back we need to know who is going, so we can purchase the tickets.
We need a $1,500 USD deposit probably by the end of March. Come on, what say you? The people at the resort have always treated us like royalty. We met with the owners at DEMA this past November, and they are great people.

Check out the Trips Schedule for all trips in 2017.

We would like you to join us and have another adventure.

Thank you
Alex and Ana Kory
Alexander’s / Dive Shop, Too

2017 Trips

2017 Trips

Hello Divers, and Happy New year!

We hope everybody is wonderful. I’m still having some issues with my new e-mail, but we finally have our 2017 San Carlos Scuba Trips.

We have plenty of room for this weekend’s trip. Please Contact Us, or call me as soon as you can. You will need at least a 5 mm. wet suit for sure. We were there during the New Year, and it was a little bit “nippy”, but I know we have some hardcore divers. Hey! This is the time to use your dry suit, right?

Alexander’s / Dive Shop, Too wants to start this year with many new divers. Let’s start with classes. Call your friends who want to learn to scuba.

See you soon,
Alex and Ana Kory

4th of July trip

Attention Divers!

It is time again, our next trip is 4th of July, and is filling up quickly.
Please call me for your reservation. The water is warm and the visibility is even better. I figure by then, we won’t need any wet suit, maybe just a lycra for protection from any stingy things.
We don’t have room at the house, but I can give you tips on where to go and rent. Remember you have to reserve hotels with time, like right now!
So please call us for more information, or Contact Us.

See you soon.

Alexander’s / Dive Shop, Too

San Carlos Trip in April

Hi everybody, how is everything? We hope everybody is well. This is a reminder for our  April trip this weekend, 18th and 19th, one day to the Island and one day Local. We have room on the boat and the house. I would suggest a 3 mil. wetsuit. Water temperature is at 77 degrees, but I still get cold after a while.

Come on, let’s go diving, it is time!!
Stop by the shop or call us to reserve your spot.

See you soon,
Ana and Alex Kory