November San Carlos Date Change


Alex is going to D.E.M.A., and it conflicts with the dates for our November trip, (November 7 & 8). We have to change it to November 14 & 15.

Please change it on your calendar.

Have a great day everybody!

The October 10, 11 & 12 trip is getting full, please call me a.s.a.p. to put you on our list.

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Adding another trip in July


Hello Divers!!!!

Hope this note finds you well, and ready to go on another trip with us. We had such a great trip this past 4th of July, and many divers want to go again. See the last post.

So, we added another dive trip that is not on our schedule. This trip is next week, July 25 & 26. It is a two-day trip, one day to the Island and one local.

There is room in the boat, but not at the house. If you want to go, call Ana at the shop to get tips on hotels.

And of course, don’t forget our trip on August 8 and 9.


Ana and Alex Kory
Alexander’s Dive Shop Too

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4th of July weekend in San Carlos

What a weekend on the 4th of July, the viz was off the charts – at least 80 foot, and the temp at 86º. We saw a sea horse on the night dive and then on each of the dives on Sunday. Great time and the weather cooperated incredibly. Super weekend in San Carlos. Thank you one and all!

Let’s go diving!
Alex and Ana Kory

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4th of July Trip

Hi everybody, hope all divers (non divers too) are ready for the warm waters of San Carlos, Mexico, 82 degrees, ajuah!! Finally.

As you know, we are preparing for the 4th of July trip. These are the days of diving because the 4th of July is a Saturday:

  • Island of San Pedro Nolazco, Friday July 3rd and Saturday July 4th
  • Local dive Sunday July 5th

First come first serve, please call us and give us your deposit to save your spot. This is a 3 day trip, so please hurry the boat is half full already.

Thanks again, we like to hear from you soon, and remember:
Alex and Ana Kory

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June Trip

Hello Divers!! Hope this finds you well and ready to get wet (again).

We are leaving this Friday around noon, or 1:p.m the latest. Our trip is one day to the Island and one day local. Diving  Saturday and Sunday. I just had a call from Manny, he is preparing the “menu”…mmmm. There is room at the house and the boat. Please call me a.s.a.p. to add you to the list. I understand the water is warm now, 80 degrees, yupi!!!


P.S. if you are going on the 4th of July trip, we need your deposit, we are already half full.

Thanks again,
Alex and Ana Kory
Alexander’s Dive Shop Too

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