San Carlos Trip in April

Hi everybody, how is everything? We hope everybody is well. This is a reminder for our  April trip this weekend, 18th and 19th, one day to the Island and one day Local. We have room on the boat and the house. I would suggest a 3 mil. wetsuit. Water temperature is at 77 degrees, but I still get cold after a while.

Come on, let’s go diving, it is time!!
Stop by the shop or call us to reserve your spot.

See you soon,
Ana and Alex Kory

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Valentine’s Day weekend 2015

Come on divers… let’s go scuba diving for Valentine’s Day!
Bring your sweetheart aboard the Cortez Explorer, and  forget your daily life routine…after diving… mmm… good dinner and margaritas.

Sounds good to me!! Lets go!! We still have plenty of room.

You can make it a two-day trip, or three…call me if you need prices and more information.

Here is the plan… leaving Nogales Friday the 13th… diving Saturday and Sunday at the Island and Monday local.

See you underwater,…. COME ON – THE POOL IS OPEN!!!!!
( you will need a 5ml , or 7ml wetsuit, depends on you)

Ana Kory

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Phoenix and Chandler join Nogales in San Carlos

The dive trip to San Carlos in January was a victory with divers from No Limits Scuba of Chandler and Toadfish Divers of Phoenix joining Dive Shop, Too of Nogales in San Carlos. We did three dives at the island on Saturday and two local dives on Sunday.

On the way to the island, we saw Finback Whales. Known as the greyhounds of the ocean, they are the second largest animal, the Blue Whale being the largest. We made several turns in the boat, careful not to disturb the whales, as they watched us! Then it was off to the island. The visibility at the island was about 50 feet, and the water temperature was about 68 degrees. There were lots of Grey Eels to be seen.

On Sunday, the water temperature was about 66 degrees. We finally found Nudibranch’s at the Sea Mount. The second dive was at St. Nicolas, and there we saw a marlin feeding along the surface.
Don’t miss our next dive weekend on February 14, 15 &16. Send us an email or call the shop to reserve your spot.

Let’s go diving,
Alex Kory

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